Simply if you thought the gender ideologues couldn’t sink any decrease, they’ve gone and outdone themselves. Surprising occasions in London over the weekend have uncovered simply how demented, and the way morally misplaced, the trans motion and its outriders have turn out to be.

On the ‘London Trans+ Delight’ march on Saturday, Sarah Jane Baker – a violent male ex-con who identifies as a transwoman – took to the stage and advocated for punching so-called trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs), a slur for gender-critical ladies, within the face:

‘I used to be going to return right here and be actually fluffy, be very nice and be actually beautiful and queer and homosexual and giggle’, he advised the gang from the platform. ‘However for those who see a TERF, punch them within the fucking face.’

Right here was a person – who served 30 years in jail for kidnapping and tried homicide – suggesting that girls who disagree with him, who need to advocate for his or her rights, who don’t need violent males like him of their altering rooms, ought to be assaulted. And the gang responded not with surprised silence, or a collective consumption of breath, however with whoops and cheers.

To listen to such violent misogyny brazenly advocated for on the streets of London in 2023 is sickening sufficient. However what got here subsequent was virtually worse. The organisers of London Trans+ Delight and a gaggle of Labour figures provided, at finest, mealy mouthed condemnations of Baker. At worst, they mainly made excuses for him.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has determined to not touch upon this shameful incident immediately. In the meantime, one of the best his press staff might muster was this weaselly little assertion: ‘The mayor is a proud LGBTQI+ ally and has been clear in his help for the trans neighborhood. He’s additionally clear that violence is rarely acceptable.’

Extra chilling was the response from the organisers of London Trans+ Delight. They mainly stated Baker’s outburst was sort of comprehensible (after the standard throat-clearing about condemning violence, after all). ‘Sarah and plenty of others in our neighborhood maintain a whole lot of rage and anger they usually have the correct to precise that anger by means of their phrases’, its spokesman stated.

Then Labour MP Clive Lewis piled in, with essentially the most spectacular little bit of whataboutery. ‘Advocating violence towards others is flawed and that is no exception’, he tweeted. ‘However as you’ll bear in mind, violent language and actions aren’t distinctive to 1 facet on this challenge.’

This may be a despicable level to make even when it had been true. However as anybody who has been following the gender wars will know, the violence and threats and unvarnished hatred aren’t coming from the gender-critical facet. They’re coming virtually solely from trans activists, who’re apparently infuriated by these uppity ladies’s very existence.

Bear in mind British gender-critical activist Posie Parker’s journey Down Below in March? It culminated with a peaceable ladies’s rally she organised in Auckland being violently damaged up by a mob of males. Parker was assaulted. An older lady was punched within the eye.

Or how about Riley Gaines, the American swimmer who was assaulted at San Francisco State College in April when she tried to talk out towards males’ inclusion in ladies’s sports activities? Or Maria MacLachlan, the 60-year-old lady punched within the face by a twentysomething male trans activist, whereas she was ready to attend a gender-critical occasion in Hyde Park in London in 2017?

Then there are the thinly veiled – and never so thinly veiled – threats and jeers that greet gender-critical ladies once they dare to talk or collect in public. At a current ‘Let Girls Communicate’ rally in Hyde Park, trans activists surrounded the group and commenced singing: ‘The one good Nazi is a useless one, so simply go kill your self.’ Gender-critical educational Jo Phoenix was No Platformed on the College of Essex in 2019, following protests from college students. Within the run-up to the occasion, a flyer was circulated that learn ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP, TERF’ subsequent to an image of a gun.

If Clive or Sadiq or the Trans+ Delight crew might level me within the course of any counter examples, of distinguished gender-critical ladies calling for transgender activists to be bodily assaulted, or getting caught in themselves, or refusing to sentence those that do, I’d be eager to see them. However everyone knows they don’t exist. For all of the allegations of transphobia hurled at gender-critical campaigners over time, they don’t seem to be the extremists and haters on this debate – they usually by no means have been.

And but not solely are these ladies ludicrously smeared as a menace to trans life, purely for defending their hard-won, sex-based rights, they’re additionally handled outrageously by the legislation. Gender-critical ladies have been investigated, arrested and dragged by means of the courts for such grave indiscretions as distributing stickers that say ‘Girls don’t have penises’ or ‘misgendering’ somebody throughout a Twitter spat.

Against this, at time of writing, no police investigation into Sarah Jane Baker has been opened – regardless of the way more excessive nature of his feedback and his intensive prison file. Baker spent 30 years in jail, initially for kidnapping and torturing a relative, later for attempting to kill a fellow inmate. (Baker transitioned in jail and claims to have eliminated his personal testicles with a razor blade.)

Placing to 1 facet the thorny challenge of incitement on this case, and the skinny line between venting one’s rage and immediately inciting violence, there may be merely no comparability to be drawn between the so-called TERFs and the trans activists. One facet is robustly defending their rights towards a tide of bigotry and routine harassment by the police. The opposite are the trans activists – who not solely have real extremism amongst their ranks, but in addition get a free move for it from Labourites, universities and even the police.

Violent woman-hating has made a comeback in politically right kind. Males are being cheered on at rallies for calling for ladies’s rights activists to be punched within the face. In the meantime, politicians and activists, who on another day may fancy themselves as valiant warriors towards ‘the patriarchy’, are both watching their shoe laces or making excuses for them.

I by no means thought I’d see the day the place self-identified left-wingers grew to become apologists for violence towards ladies. However then nothing surprises me anymore. Gender ideology has rotted their brains – and their conscience. We should confront this woke misogyny.

Tom Slater is editor of spiked. Comply with him on Twitter: @Tom_Slater_